Here are a few advantages of babywearing


  • Favors the establishments of strong links of attachments
  • Eases daily routines, reduces anxiety for the parents and increases the sentiment of competence.
  • Reduces cries and discomfort for the child.
  • Helps for a harmonuious transition for life outside the womb for the child as it keeps a reference point for his senses while favourizing the process of maturation of all it's bodily systems.
  • Reduces incidences of post-natal depression and helps with remission.
  • Reduces isolation of the parent.
  • Stimulate the global development of the child.
  • Helps digestion and reduces reflux.
  • Reduces chances of positional deformations for the child (ex: plagiocephalie)
  • Reduces the risks of injuries for the parent (tendinitis, lumbar sprain, scoliose etc...)
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