Promouvoir le peau à peau et le portage pour l'équilibre familial

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Illustration INPE d’un papa qui fait du portage bébé en ring sling et une maman et son bébé en peau à peau

INPE is a non-profit organization that promotes skin-to-skin and babywearing practices.

Our organization and its network of babywearing instructors work with families, health professionals, family community organizations through its services and educational tools.

Skin-to-skin and babywearing are truly public health tools that promote breastfeeding, secure attachment, overall child development, parental empowerment and prevent postpartum depression. We offer conferences and training to perinatal workers in order to equip them for the transmission of these practices.

Our Petit manuel d portage is a reference document allowing young parents to practice physiological babywearing safely, regardless of the type of baby carrier or sling available to them.


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